Coach, including Mail Coach, Park Drag, Park Coach, Road Coach is a special group of carriages. They all come from Mail Coach, a carriage which had revolutionised the mail and passengers delivery system. In 1784, John Palmer, a wealthy resident of Bath, introduced a new model of the Royal postal service replacing less efficient system of mounted carriers. Under this project, the Royal Mail created a completely new system of mail and passenger delivery service. Pursuant to agreements concluded by owners of horse teams and coaches, the King financed an armed Guard who had a special single seat in the rear part of the carriage, uniform, clock, weapons and mail bags.


The so-called Royal Mail Contractor had to own horses, harness and vehicle called Mail Coach which had to be built according to detailed specifications. The system introduced by John Palmer had made the British Royal Mail the fastest and most reliable post service in the world in a short time.

Road Coach is a heavier and more robust version of Mail Coach mainly used to transport people, therefore a wide bench for 4 people was placed on the back of the roof and a single seat for the Guard was replaced with a three-person bench.

Park Coach, Park Drag, Private Drag - as the name indicates, the priority was not to transport a large number of passengers over longer distances, but participation in various cavalcades, horse racing where the horses were unhitched from the carriage and the vehicle was used as a tribune with its interior equipped with a toilet. The visible difference is the door placed at the rear of the vehicle. There is a side-opening door in the Road Coach while in Park Drag the door opens down so as to serve as a table. The rear bench is fixed on steel outriggers.

Coupe Mail is a vehicle very similar to Park Coach, the only difference that can be seen is a shortened middle part of the box seat. The most famous carriage similar to Coupe Mail was built by Ettore Bugatti, the famous sports cars designer.

Summer Coach is a vehicle comparable to Charabanc with 4 seats and one or two folding roofs and door without wind shields.

11. Road Coach

12. Stage Coach

13. Park Drag

14. Mail Coach