Phaeton, Spider, Dog Cart

Phaeton is a very unique carriage which is by default driven by its owner.  The name comes from Greek mythology. Various Phaeton types are presented below.

Mail Phaeton, Demi-Mail Phaeton which is a lighter version of Mail Phaeton without a reach, Crane Neck Phaeton, Park Phaeton / George IV Phaeton where the difference has a historical pedigree. The English King George IV was quite tall, therefore a low situated step was very important to him. Siamese Phaeton has identical seats, front and rear, Spider Phaeton became very popular in the late nineteenth century as a presentation carriage drawn by one or at least two horses. Spider was built without a roof and became extremely popular in combined driving sports discipline, Klapp Phaeton was very popular in Switzerland and its rear part can be folded flat, two rear benches can be hidden in the box.


Lady Phaeton Duc which is also called Park Phaeton is a very light carriage for one horse or a pair of ponies, nicely paired that is absolutely crucial.