Caleche Sociable

Barouche, Sociable, Caleche, Vis a Vis are four carriages used for transport of 4 persons seating face to face. Their standard varies a lot, starting from a super luxury Barouche with reach and 8 springs which is still used in Sweden by every new chief of the embassy visiting the Castle with diplomatic credentials and ending with a regular Vis a vis with one or two roofs.

Barouche driven a la Daumont can be found in the collection of Count Potocki family in Łańcut.

Sociable is a slightly less luxurious carriage, without a reach and gala shabrack.

Caleche is a carriage with one roof, except for so-called Reise Calesch which is a travel caleche with removable glass front and can be found in Kórnik near Poznań.
Vis a Vis is the lowest carriage in this group, equipped with one or two roofs, door and no windows.


20. Caleche C Springs