About us

Our carriage manufacture is a company with years of vast experience, well-known both among collectors and drivers around the world. However, before we reached the status, it required a lot of work and efforts to convince customers to entrust their dreams to the hands of the Polish craftsman. The long-term promotion at many exhibitions both domestic and international has paid off. We have established a reliable and fair image of our company which may be entrusted with construction of a new carriage, restoration or minor to more serious repairs. With a wide range of carriages in our offer and large number of completed orders, no challenge is impossible to implement for us. That's why Zenon Mendyka company wins the confidence of the most demanding customers from all over the world. We are able to meet any expectations associated with construction of new carriages, reconstruction of old damaged outfitting or restoration of museum vehicles, as well as those designed to participate in traditional carriage driving competitions or simply for everyday use.

The essence of our success and customer satisfaction with the implementation of individual projects is to listen to the needs and expectations of our clients. Seemingly minor things may be very important and we never ignore them. Thanks to our sensitivity to the needs and suggestions of the customers, we are able to construct a vehicle that meets all the expectations. Of course, we are perfectly aware that not all of our customers have technical knowledge, therefore we offer our advice and suggestions so that the carriages were both safe to use and functional.

What distinguishes our carriages, both new and restored, is the highest quality of work at every stage. Thanks to the fact we are able to guarantee an excellent result of our work for many years.