Restoration of old carriages to their original state is extremely complex. It looks like we have revived items which have been forgotten for many years. The process is not easy and requires a lot of experience. Carriages are made of wood - and it is known to be a material sensitive to weather conditions and varying temperatures. For all the above reasons, we need to predict how this remarkable material will behave both when being used, exposed in museum or simply standing in the carriage house.

A few words about restoration of carriages in Mendyka Manufacture

One of the most frequent questions our customers ask refers to cost of a given carriage’s restoration. It is difficult for a layman to imagine the scope of necessary works to be done, that is why we always try to explain it.

An initial estimation of the restoration cost is presented to our customers based on received pictures or after delivery of the carriage to our premises. It is vital for us to receive information on brakes and upholstery type. We also need to know what pain coat do you wish to be applied.

Once the initial cost estimation is accepted by the customer, we collect the carriage from the customer’s place, unless it has already been delivered to our company. On its delivery to the company, we create a photo documentation which is used as a record of the carriage condition.  All stages of restoration are also recorded in a digital form so that the customer can be informed what has been done. Basing on the record of all works done in a particular carriage, we can provide the final cost of its restoration.  It should be mentioned that any additional works not included in the initial cost estimation are always consulted with the customer.

In our Manufacture we perform comprehensive restorations, as well as maintenance of old vehicles aimed to retouch paintwork, replenish upholstery defects, etc.


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